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Indigestible, a new documentary short film takes on one of the worst atrocities happening in our time, the factory farming of animals raised for food. This film examines the very dark world of factory farming and its far reaching effects on public health and the environment, providing a unique opportunity to educate, engage and empower a new generation of consumers. Many Americans, especially today’s youth, give little or no thought to the food they eat or where it comes from- there’s little or no association between the meat on our plates and the sentient animal that had most likely suffered tremendously during its short life. Today, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations or factory farms have long taken over the small family owned farms we fantasize farm animals to live in, contently grazing in green pastures and basking in the warmth of the sun. Today, most animals raised for food are intensely confined in cruel confinement systems, and are enduring gross animal abuse in factory farms in the United States. Indigestible brings their plight to the screen, exposing the true price of our “cheap meat.” Through interviews with prominent health, environmental and animal experts, this film connects the suffering of animals we raise for food to the subsequent consequences that society pays.   With support from     DONATE Stay in touch: